Thursday, October 12, 2006


The MTV that I waited for months

I enjoyed the album so much that most the song are still in my playlist almost a year since I bought it. I am talking bout the All American Reject album Move Along. I like so many tracks in the album namely Dirty little Secret, Move Along, It Ends Tonight and Straight Jacket Feeling. The first 2 are already hits but the most favourite song in the album is none other then It Ends Tonight. So I was estatic(estatic enough to blog it) when I found the MTV is out. Finally it should have been a fantastic hit the minute the album was out or at least months ago. It is still in my playlist and I predict it will be there for some while. So for those who like to try here is the link.

Now I only need to wait for Straightjacket Feeling to be MTVised.

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