Sunday, February 04, 2007


What does Democracy means?

I was reading an article about Malaysian not ready for local council election. The excuse? Yes I am using the word 'excuse' since Malaysian elite politicians are so pathetic until they cannott even conjure up a valid 'reason'. Now before straying to far off, the pathetic excuse was I quote “For example, if the Opposition controls the local authority through an election, the government will not want to give funds to them. This will not help the people,”. I truly believed Malaysia is a democratic country. I didn't know that the government is practicing tyranny by depriving development to opposition controlled region. Isn't this an act of blackmailing? In democracy the PEOPLE chooses the leaders to lead development supported by funds that ultimately is provided by taxes from the PEOPLE. So the government has no right what so ever to stop funding to opposition controlled council. Remember the government is meant to serve the rakyat and not the son in law. Oh ya the only 'reason' I can think why such a statement was given; they know that in cities where the population are more educated it is harder for the dumb leaders to hide the fact they are incompetent. Thus they have to resort to blackmail, shame on you.

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