Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I can't be arsed.


in between all that, I really can't be arsed to do anything nowadays. the workload is so immense personal hygiene has faltered and i forgot to feed the spiders. oh and spiders have infested my neglected room. never mind that. the aforementioned forgetfulness have left them dead anyway.

this is just tortourous.


PS: fuck you royal mail. fuck you royally. and fuck your royal patrons too! (not you though, bessie)

Sunday, February 04, 2007


What does Democracy means?

I was reading an article about Malaysian not ready for local council election. The excuse? Yes I am using the word 'excuse' since Malaysian elite politicians are so pathetic until they cannott even conjure up a valid 'reason'. Now before straying to far off, the pathetic excuse was I quote “For example, if the Opposition controls the local authority through an election, the government will not want to give funds to them. This will not help the people,”. I truly believed Malaysia is a democratic country. I didn't know that the government is practicing tyranny by depriving development to opposition controlled region. Isn't this an act of blackmailing? In democracy the PEOPLE chooses the leaders to lead development supported by funds that ultimately is provided by taxes from the PEOPLE. So the government has no right what so ever to stop funding to opposition controlled council. Remember the government is meant to serve the rakyat and not the son in law. Oh ya the only 'reason' I can think why such a statement was given; they know that in cities where the population are more educated it is harder for the dumb leaders to hide the fact they are incompetent. Thus they have to resort to blackmail, shame on you.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Endangered species

I have been evolving slowly and but clearly to a Panda, age has clealy caught up or pass me. At least I still have my soul, oh wait I sold it already and I sold it too cheap. Damn.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Down With First Past The Post. Or Part of It.

A non-homogenous society isn't suited for exclusively first past the post systems.

For 49 years, the ruling Malaysian BN coalition has had a two-thirds majority in the federal legislature, with the exception of the 1969 General Elections, which was followed by you-know-what. However, never in Malaysian history has the BN obtained a two-thirds proportion of the total vote. This apparent disconnect is all down to the first past the post electoral system we practice.

Make no mistake, the Westminster system is still practiced elsewhere, and other methods are by no means definitively superior to it. However, Malaysian Westminster Parliamenterism has diverged greatly from other instances of it, mainly due to our sociopolitical structures.

For example, first past the post (FPTP from her onwards) systems are supposed to reduce the number of parties. This has ostensibly ben the case in terms of Malay based parties, but definitely not for the other parties. Lineation policies has also been done haphazardly, without documented justification for it.

In a highly heterogenous land such as Malaysia, the FPTP system has compounded matters where racial relations are concerned. Not that I agree with viewing politics in terms of race, but for now, I shall be a realist. For one, a winner takes all system blurs out proportional votes. This is especially bad because different social groups are significantly different from each other, and proportional representation of them is vital to maintain a truly representative legislature.

Therefore I advocate a Mixed Member Proportional Representation system for Malaysia. It's not perfect, and it's definitely more complex and would not be conducive for voters ignorant of electoral mechanisms, but its very suited for voter representation.

To put it simply, parties are allocated seats in the legislature via proportional representation. Howeverm contistuencies are retained, and local representatives still exists within the framework of the system. Every local representative fills up one slot of the allocated seat within the legislature, and if there aren't enough of them to fill up the party's quota, they may appoint more members (there are plenty of variations to how this is decided as well).

In the case where the number of local representatives exceed the party's allocated bumber of seats, there are numeous ways to accommodate this. Germany simply gives them more seats than allocated via proportional representations. There are also methods where extra seats are added for other parties to maintain proportionality.

There are, of course, loopholes. But these can be overcomed by numerous methods. Abuse via party splitting (read the Wikipedia article, because I'm too half-assed to elaborate) can be circumvented by forcing participation in national proportional voting if a party wants to compete in constituencies. Then, a minimum threshold should not apply, to allow parties with local representation but very small amounts of national vote to retain their seat.

Now this may seem a very big change, and utterly unnecessary. But I urge you all to go through election statistics, and you'll see that there is a huge discord between the proportion of votes garnered by opposition parties to the proportion of seats obtained. This is gerrymandering at its best.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


The MTV that I waited for months

I enjoyed the album so much that most the song are still in my playlist almost a year since I bought it. I am talking bout the All American Reject album Move Along. I like so many tracks in the album namely Dirty little Secret, Move Along, It Ends Tonight and Straight Jacket Feeling. The first 2 are already hits but the most favourite song in the album is none other then It Ends Tonight. So I was estatic(estatic enough to blog it) when I found the MTV is out. Finally it should have been a fantastic hit the minute the album was out or at least months ago. It is still in my playlist and I predict it will be there for some while. So for those who like to try here is the link.


Now I only need to wait for Straightjacket Feeling to be MTVised.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Game drought

There isn’t much going on the PC gaming world now, which really dulls me. I have never been a fan of FPS because it makes me dizzy (I know it’s lame) even though I was a sharp shooter sniper in my youth once. Good enough to receive a round of applause from the whole cyber café after killing all 12 remaining counter terrorist while being the sole survivor, ah the splendors of youth. OK..ok so it was only 8 of them but it sure felt like 12 if you were the only one left and every counter terrorist was tracking you down. I continue to play pc games in my uni years but I forsake cyber gaming completely. Then I got a job!! It cut down my playing time by 20% at the first month then 49% then 80%!!! I didn’t have the pleasure of playing games like I used to. It is not because my interest has wane but more to the fact that I am unable to commit more continuous playing time like I use to. Week ends are spent recuperating energy and trying to catch a movie, wash my car, exercise or clean the house. Weekdays are out of the question since I can’t afford late night gamin hours anymore. So my games are pretty limited to slow pace games. I played Rome and that was fun just didn’t have the time to finish it and after some one hour play without much progress I started to get bored. I was so happy when I found pick up and play game, no I don’t mean solitaire but space rangers 2. Sure invested 2 hours to pick up the game but the game play allows me to invest 30 minutes to 90 minutes per game session. It was the ideal game. I was able to choose easier mission if I had only little time stop in the middle of combat as it was turn based. Play text base game as I was too young to play any of the earlier one. I was actually a gamer once again albeit a part time one. So occasional I played 45 minutes after work to de-stress which was what the doctor ordered. If anyone reading this is about to get a job please listen to this piece of advice; “DON’T QUIT GAMING”. Seriously, it is a great way to relax if you had a to work till 8 which is exhausting but still too early to fall asleep. So imagine my horror when last weekend I finished the game. No!!!!!! I was dead bored this couple of days as I finished reading all my downloaded manga, read all my comics and even work out a bit since I am gaining additional spare tire here and there. I need something to relax and amuse me consistently for at least half an hour a day after work. I cant stand heart of iron as you can see my brother is playing, it is too slow in progression for 45 minutes. I am thinking of playing FF7 but I can’t stand the save points they have. Sigh luckily I have Mario, I am talking bout the SNES version (I was old enough for this though). I played but being able to remember all those stages help me continue from my save game until the final world. If I am done with Mario what is left for me to do! Right know my only hope is that the sport games are release soon as this is the traditional release dates. Damn they are not releasing the basketball 2K series on PC. The closes release now would be the live and EA always release out a worse version year by year. Pro evolution soccer is also on the horizon. Oh how wish it could come earlier. So for you all undergraduates out there, don’t stop playing games… treasure it like a final fantasy CGI ending. Invest your time in gaming as you would leveling up your MMORPG avatar. Click on that next match button knowing that the maybe juts maybe in the next match your team will hit top form and win the league title even though it is already your 24th league game and you just above the relegation zone. Do not stop, because one day you will be force to stop. If you are wondering why I am writing this, I have just finished Mario.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I was playing Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday when I saw this. Twas a selection of Malaysian Intelligence heads.

OK inane post


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