Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Game drought

There isn’t much going on the PC gaming world now, which really dulls me. I have never been a fan of FPS because it makes me dizzy (I know it’s lame) even though I was a sharp shooter sniper in my youth once. Good enough to receive a round of applause from the whole cyber café after killing all 12 remaining counter terrorist while being the sole survivor, ah the splendors of youth. OK..ok so it was only 8 of them but it sure felt like 12 if you were the only one left and every counter terrorist was tracking you down. I continue to play pc games in my uni years but I forsake cyber gaming completely. Then I got a job!! It cut down my playing time by 20% at the first month then 49% then 80%!!! I didn’t have the pleasure of playing games like I used to. It is not because my interest has wane but more to the fact that I am unable to commit more continuous playing time like I use to. Week ends are spent recuperating energy and trying to catch a movie, wash my car, exercise or clean the house. Weekdays are out of the question since I can’t afford late night gamin hours anymore. So my games are pretty limited to slow pace games. I played Rome and that was fun just didn’t have the time to finish it and after some one hour play without much progress I started to get bored. I was so happy when I found pick up and play game, no I don’t mean solitaire but space rangers 2. Sure invested 2 hours to pick up the game but the game play allows me to invest 30 minutes to 90 minutes per game session. It was the ideal game. I was able to choose easier mission if I had only little time stop in the middle of combat as it was turn based. Play text base game as I was too young to play any of the earlier one. I was actually a gamer once again albeit a part time one. So occasional I played 45 minutes after work to de-stress which was what the doctor ordered. If anyone reading this is about to get a job please listen to this piece of advice; “DON’T QUIT GAMING”. Seriously, it is a great way to relax if you had a to work till 8 which is exhausting but still too early to fall asleep. So imagine my horror when last weekend I finished the game. No!!!!!! I was dead bored this couple of days as I finished reading all my downloaded manga, read all my comics and even work out a bit since I am gaining additional spare tire here and there. I need something to relax and amuse me consistently for at least half an hour a day after work. I cant stand heart of iron as you can see my brother is playing, it is too slow in progression for 45 minutes. I am thinking of playing FF7 but I can’t stand the save points they have. Sigh luckily I have Mario, I am talking bout the SNES version (I was old enough for this though). I played but being able to remember all those stages help me continue from my save game until the final world. If I am done with Mario what is left for me to do! Right know my only hope is that the sport games are release soon as this is the traditional release dates. Damn they are not releasing the basketball 2K series on PC. The closes release now would be the live and EA always release out a worse version year by year. Pro evolution soccer is also on the horizon. Oh how wish it could come earlier. So for you all undergraduates out there, don’t stop playing games… treasure it like a final fantasy CGI ending. Invest your time in gaming as you would leveling up your MMORPG avatar. Click on that next match button knowing that the maybe juts maybe in the next match your team will hit top form and win the league title even though it is already your 24th league game and you just above the relegation zone. Do not stop, because one day you will be force to stop. If you are wondering why I am writing this, I have just finished Mario.

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